VoIP telephone services

WheroNet are able to provide third party VoIP services over our network.

WheroNet do not provide a phone service, but recommend, and can assist with the setup of a KiwiLink VoIP home phone line.

For $55 (incl GST), WheroNet can provide and install a VoIP analog telephone adapter, enabling you to use your existing landline telephone over a VoIP service.

We will also assist you with opening a KiwiLink account and the setup of the telephone adapter.

We have negotiated the following special rates with KiwiLink for WheroNet customers when the VoIp line is arranged by us.

KiwiLink setup costs:

Security Deposit (refundable) $50.00
Keep/Transfer your current landline number $25.00

KiwiLink phone charges:

Monthly Fee $11.50
Local phone number free
Local calls (first 2000 minutes) free
Local calls (after 2000 minutes) 3c/min
National calls 5c/min
Mobile calls 22c/min
UK, USA, China, Australia calls 8c/min
Other locations Contact us
Included services Caller ID, Voicemail, Call Waiting, Diversion and many more

KiwiLink fees exclude GST. KiwiLink is a third party provider, you will receive a separate bill from them for telephone services. KiwiLink fees were correct at time of printing, but are subject to change.