Our speeds are limited to 40 Mbps down and 20 Mbps up for all plans.


No long term commitment

Don't get tied into a lengthy contract. We have a one month notice period.


Customer Support

We are a local Onewhero based provider offering local support.

More Features

We're small enough to offer you these great features

Competitive pricing

Reasonable and flexible price plans with off-peak data free between midnight and 8am.

Complete solution

We provide all the equipment required to get you connected, including a WiFi router.

Custom monitoring tools

We have developed software to continuously monitor our network to detect problems before our customers do.

Creative installs

If your house can't 'see' our towers, we might be able to provide service with a creative install (extra costs may apply).

Simple contracts

Our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy are short and sweet.

We respect your privacy

Unless we're legally required to, we'll never give anyone your personal information.

Low contention rates

Some ISPs resell their speed capacity around 50 times over. We don't.

Free static IP address

All of our accounts come with a static IP address. For free!

Plans & Pricing

We can tailor plans and pricing to suit your requirements

All plans include UNLIMITED off-peak data

Click HERE for Fibre pricing (Selected Onewhero Areas)


50 GB

Per month

  • Speed:
    45 Mbps down
    20 Mbps up
  • 50 GB of data
  • Extra data $15/100GB
    (6 month rollover)

100 GB

Per month

  • Speed:
    45 Mbps down
    20 Mbps up
  • 100 GB of data
  • Extra data $15/100GB
    (6 month rollover)

300 GB

Per month

  • Speed:
    45 Mbps down
    20 Mbps up
  • 300 GB of data
  • Extra data $15/100GB
    (6 month rollover)


Per month



Per month

  • REDUCED Speed:
    20 Mbps down
    12 Mbps up
  • Unlimited data
  • Fair Use Policy applies

Quoted speeds are maximum expected speeds. Actual speeds will depend
on factors such as time of day, location & internet congestion.
A setup cost of $200 applies to all new connections.
Off-peak data is data used between midnight and 8am.
All prices quoted are inclusive of GST

Contact Us

If you'd like more information, give us a shout.

Onewhero, New Zealand

WheroNet Ltd
27 Wairamarama Onewhero Road
Tuakau, 2697
New Zealand
P: +64 9 232 8282